Monday, October 10, 2011

How Does This Version of Reiki Differ From Traditional Reiki?

Traditional Reiki vs. the Next Generation Reiki

The word "Reiki" has become very popular over the past couple of years!  This means that more and more of you are opening to and embracing your own inner healing process!!  I, often, speak of Reiki from the perspective of a new Movement of Self HealingReiki and Healing go hand in hand, whether it is of the Traditional Reiki Teachings or from the Next Generation Reiki Classes.

There are a few main differences I'd like to share with you:

First, Next Generation Reiki is based upon the concept of Self Healing.  In Traditional Reiki, the concept still places the emphasis on external healing.  In other words, it places YOUR healing upon the hands of another.  This typically is what occurs when you seek out a Reiki Practitioner to receive Reiki Treatments.  In the Next Generation Reiki Classes, our focus is on YOU and your Inner Healing Journey.  Some of the concepts taught through the Reiki Masters class series includes your own emotional healing and spiritual healing as well with the healing focus being upon YOU.

Second, Traditional Reiki focuses on the use of Reiki Symbols. In the Next Generation Reiki Classes we do NOT teach the use of symbols.  This is based upon the beliefs that by focusing on the use of symbols, one again, is focused on something outside and separate from one's Self!  Learning to have a dialogue with your body, each layer and level of your Being, your Soul and for some, their Higher Angelic Self, will take you to a greater spiritual awakening as you continue walking your path of self growth, spiritual growth and spiritual awakening.

Third, Next Generation Reiki recognizes similiar levels of Reiki Training, as there are Three levels of Training.  There is a Level 1 Reiki class titled Building the Foundation Towards Self Mastery.  A Level II Reiki Class titled Constructing Your Inner Temple and a Level III titled Achieving Self Mastery.

Next Generation Reiki teaches one how to turn inwards and explore the who that you are from the inside, out!  Embrace your own path of self discovery.  Watch next month for some videos, as I will soon be preparing a whole series for you on the very new, up and coming You Tube Channel, the Next Generation Reiki

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With Beautiful Energy Rays of Love and Light

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Understanding the Basic Concept of Reiki

The word Reiki (which is pronounced Ray-Key) and is broken down into two workd
Rei and Ki. Rei can be translated as the material or Universal Light and Ki means
energy or key to unlock a door, so in essence Reiki is our Universal Life Force
Energy that is the key to unlocking the energy within us leading us to self-mastery.

Reiki simply works by aligning or re-aligning this Universal Life Force Energy within
each and every one of us. We are all born with Reiki energy within us. If you feel
drawn or connected to understanding and incorporating this energy, you are
among those who have begun the awakening process. Reiki is truly about Self-Mastery!
Reiki unites our thoughts, emotions and our bodies, it is through this unification
that we achieve a sense of harmony & through harmony, healing begins. Reiki is
neither, dangerous or harmful in any way and Reiki works well with any other type
of conventional or complimentary care programs you currently participate in.
Given the proper environment, our bodies are designed to heal themselves and
Reiki aids in creating this environment.

The Next Generation Reiki is about offering you a new paradigm for healing.  Embark upon your own self healing, inner healing, spiritual journey.

With love and light

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Let's Explore One's "Physicalness"

What IS Physicalness?

Typically, when you think of the word, physicalness, one might automatically assume we were discussing just your physical body.  Yet, this is far from the Truth!!  What I refer to when I use the word "Physicalness" is your Entire energetic make up all rolled up together.  Let me explain:

Once you can gain an understanding that there is more to YOU than the You, You see when you look into the mirror, you can begin to get a feel for what the term "physicalness" implies. 

*** Your physical body is your most dense body, it vibrates to the lowest frequency, which is why you can see it!

*** Resting just above the physical body, lies the etheric body.  This body is an exact replica of the physical body, yet it's frequency is higher, which makes it the first of the invisible bodies.  within this body the Kundalini  Chakras reside.

*** The next body is the emotional body lying directly above the etheric body.  This body is one of the most important, if not THE most important body of them all.  Depending upon the amount of emotional wounds, pain and heart scars found here, this body will have a frequency which is unique to where you are within your own healing process.

*** The mental body, in many, can be quite large, especially if you are one who spends a great deal of time "thinking." your mental body may be the only body which is widely felt not only by you, but by others as well.  To quiet the mental chatter, in a slow sweeping motion, sweep your hand from the center of your forehead, over the top of the head, down the back and bring your hand back to the front of the forehead.  Keep the motion going until you feel a sense of calmness taking over.

*** Lastly, the spiritual body is the highest vibrating frequency of all the "invisible" bodies.  As we continue to grow and evolve into our Higher Self, we continue to raise our frequency.  When you begin to merge your Higher Heart with the Heart Chakra, unconditional love becomes the norm.

To learn more about  your energetic bodies, Level 1 of the Next Generation Reiki focuses on the physical body and begins to teach you more about your "physicalness"  Take advantage of the new version of the "Reiki in the Box" level 1 located under the "Classes" tab.

Until next time... May the Light of Your Spirit Continue to Guide Your Soul.

With love and light

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's Not Your Mother's or GrandMother's Reiki!!!!

Welcome to the Next Generation of Reiki

This purpose of the blog is to share the knowledge and wisdom of what is meant by the Next Generation Reiki.  As this leg of my journey began in 2008, I came to truly begin to better understand why I was the one who was to begin bringing the changes to all of you.

As we continue to move and shift into the energies of blending the masculine energies with the feminine energies, you will see that our society of "just FIX me" is ending and in it's place is taking responsibility for our own health and well-being as we move Within for healing and wholeness.

The Next Generation Reiki is about embarking upon a journey beginning with the physical body and moving through each layer, each aspect of who you are, healing and releasing so you can learn how to live from the Higher Wisdom within you....

Please feel free to visit often, share your thoughts and comments, post your questions and most importantly, don't forget to share this with your friends......

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